To Blockchain or Not to Blockchain: That Is Our Question

It is no secret that we’ve been tossing and turning the subject of blockchain for quite some time internally, although it never seemed to be the right time for adoption.


BaaS – Blockchain as a Service BaaS – Blockchain as a Service

After a few years of pondering as well as research and projects we came to the conclusion that in order to raise understanding and acceptance of blockchain, a „Blockchain as a Service“ approach will be necessary. What this means is that an intuitive and unified blockchain based interface is required, which can be billed on a per-user basis, deployed quickly and used by anyone.

As more and more companies and organizations start embracing blockchain (where it makes sense) it will get a lot easier to come up with a user-friendly interface controlled and populated by permission-based networks in the background. As it’s currently economically dubious for each company and organization to embark on the journey of creating their own blockchain network we, as blockchain enthusiasts and experts, must make it our mission to provide the majority with a working solution.


Open-Source Messenger goes Blockchain

In order to take communicational encryption to the next level we have started working on a new encryption method of general messenger communication – especially in regards to sensitive-data sharing. Since we do have our own open-source business messenger the decision was made to look into blockchain and how it can additionally improve our communications security.


101% Security – Communication, data sharing

In cooperation with one of our potential partners we’ve managed to create a proof of concept which allows for additional blockchain-network based encryption of data stored in the public cloud of our business messenger. The result was that exchanged messages, called and documents (or data files in general) were only accessible to the people involved in the conversation if no rights were assigned to additional people.

Should we decide to start a lasting cooperation and push this matter further, expanding our Rainbow messenger to support blockchain networks, it would enable not only fully encrypted and almost impenetrably secure communication, but would also make it possible to dock all blockchain network services with the messenger. This would mean you’d be able to control information, machines, directories and a lot more by simply using one interface – Rainbow – to issue AI-enhanced commands handled by automated bots in order to accomplish complex tasks of any calibre while at the same time retaining all of the information inside a closed and secure blockchain network.


Transparency as a key to future business

Everything that we do with blockchain should ideally benefit not the individual, but the community – the people if you will. By submitting data, enabling workgroups, sharing information, documents and a lot more with relevant other parties we are bound to speed up all our processes internally as well as externally. This is ought to also enable cooperation on so many new levels businesses and organizations typically don’t enable. By being transparent and sharing we are going to boost efficiency, cooperation and innovation inside our own company as well as between companies sharing the same industry or simply having the same touchpoints in a cross-industry scenario.

Imagine a world where all your third-party services like bookkeeping, marketing agencies, event managers, technical consultants, etc. can get all the necessary information in real-time from the same network which autonomously and automatically updates itself as well as all the participants.

 Wouldn’t it make all our lives so much easier if this were to be real and done right?

On that note I’d like to leave you to your own thoughts and let you imagine the business world you want to live in 10 years from now. Does it involve Blockchain, IoT, AI and a lot of creative thinking? If your answer is yes then please feel free to get in touch with us, because we might have had the very same dream in this very moment.


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