The future of decentralized market economy based on blockchain: a whitepaper from

As you may have discovered in our latest blog post, this edition of the Blockchain Hackathon is all about Decentralized Platform Economies. There, we had explained the importance and concept of coopetition as well as potential economic impacts. But in order to enable this promising concept, a working infrastructure based on a decentralized technology is necessary.


Our first technology partner

And this is where our first technology partner can play a key role: supports the Blockchain Hackathon with their expertise and particularly with their neutral infrastructure for digital cooperative ecosystems. Hence, our Hackathon attendees get the opportunity to exploit the trust infrastructure of


But why is a neutral and independent infrastructure so important?

And much more interesting, in which use cases is coopetition relevant?

These and more questions will be answered in the newly published whitepaper by The whitepaper focuses on the future of decentralized market economy based on blockchain technology. So, if you’re excited to know how to build a cooperative ecosystem in the sense of blockchain based coopetion, check out the whitepaper below (currently only available in German): whitepaper: Coopetition


And of course, if you want to transfer the newly acquired knowledge into practice through challenges under real conditions, make sure to register for the third Blockchain Hackathon and play your part in shaping the future of Decentralized Platform Economies.


Note: Registration for the third Blockchain Hackathon is open. To stay up to date follow us on Facebook, twitter or check out

The Blockchain Hackathon is brought to you by bwcon and blockLAB and is supported by many sponsors. Participation is free of charge for all hackers – food, drinks and night naps in the location are included.

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