The third edition of the Blockchain Hackathon is all about Decentralized Platform Economies

For the third year in a row the Blockchain Hackathon will open its doors from the 17th to the19th April 2020 welcoming participants from all over the continent and beyond. Hackers will have the chance to give free rein to their creativity exploring undiscovered terrain in which to apply blockhain technologies. Proudly being the biggest Blockchain Hackathon in Germany, the event brings together the blockchain-developers community with major industry players to join the forces and experiment the application of blockchain in different verticals.


The event will be held this year under the motto “In the name of Coopetion: Shape the future of Decentralized Platform Economies


The participants will compete in three different challenges, with the possibility of being inspired by various speakers and supported by a mentoring team. Creativity is worthwhile, as prizes in total value of 15 000 euros are awarded in various categories.


Uncovering the Blockchain Hackathon’s motto: what is coopetion?


The Hackathon in 2020 will explore a promising new field: Coopetition.

While the internet has enabled the emergence of digital marketplaces that have created tremendous benefits for their users, nowadays the network is increasingly dominated by a small number of providers, which are spreading vertically into every industry. At the same time, some companies such as Amazon and Facebook have managed to grow into central and monopolistic platform providers. If a central platform reaches a critical mass, this dominance leads to quasi-monopolistic market situations.

The concept of coopetition is a promising approach to counteract these developments. Coopetition means “cooperation” on the infrastructure layer and “competition” on the application or product layer. The focus is on working with third parties to develop and operate digital platforms, and compete on new products and services.


Through decentralized orchestration, collaborative business models and fewer dependencies, Distributed Ledger Technology or Blockchain offers a possible technological solution. The execution of transactions, the accounting, as well as the further development of the platform and its operation can be carried out decentrally and automatically with the help of DLT. The goal behind this is to build value creation networks across divisions, companies and industries that enable new business models.


What possibilities arise through Blockchain-based networks as a counter model to digital monopolies?


This question will guide the work of the Blockchain Hackathon’s participants who will be challenge to explore which innovative networks and services in the areas of mobility, industry and finance can be developed together.

But there is even more: in 2020 the Hackathon will again join forces with the Blockchain Future Festival and other events to deepen all aspects around blockchain technologies through keynotes, deep-dive workshop and competions. For one week, we will bring again all important players of the blockchain community to exchange and meet in the South West of Germany.  Be there!



Note: Registration for the third Blockchain Hackathon will open soon. More information about challenges, speakers and the sponsors will follow shortly. To stay up to date follow us on Facebook, twitter or check out

The Blockchain Hackathon is brought to you by bwcon and blockLAB and is supported by many sponsors. Participation is free of charge for all hackers – food, drinks and night naps in the location are included.

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